Returning Home

It’s a random candle lit evening just as the holiday is coming to a close and reality is taking hold again. But the thing is there is no sadness. No anxiety. I am feeling good about returning to “reality”, and getting to create new everyday routines to implement. It’s a very good feeling actually. I really am looking forward to creating a new normal. That’s a sign that I had a truly refreshing holiday, one that filled me with energy and a renewed sense of life. I found some much needed inspiration.

Maybe the reason this one felt so good is because I had a tough spring and last year my holiday wasn’t really a holiday, it was more lazy days at home and it wasn’t enough I realise now. Because even if I did nothing spectacular this year I still spent three weeks in places that are not my apartment, that do no smell, feel and look mundane.

The only thing I regret is not having read more books, because that would have been nice. In a way it would have been nice to have written a bit too, but I still can’t feel any deep sense of regret, because the holiday made sure that I had enough energy to write now. And ultimately that’s more important.

Hopefully I’ll keep hold of this feeling for a while longer. It would be nice if I could ride out this next month with it in my backpack. So to speak. And if I can manage that then maybe I’ll get to read a few more books now and write more pages of nonsense than I had anticipated. Maybe even revisit bucket lists and my bullet journal. All of those small creative routines to create organisational skills where there might not have been a lot of it to begin with. Who knows.

But bottom line, I’m happy about returning to every day life and that’s the greatest gift any holiday can give you.


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